Make sure you are ready for a fire in your business; Training to ensure you and your staff are safe in 2020

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Why should staff be trained?

It is important that everyone knows what to do in the event of a fire in the place that they work in. If staff are trained correctly and regularly, the likelihood of panic or injury during an emergency situation could be dramatically reduced.

How often should staff be trained?

Here at MAGG Group Ltd. we recommend that training is completed annually as this allows for those who have already received training to be refreshed as well as allowing for new starters or temporary staff to benefit from training.

Types of training;

  • Fire Marshal with extinguisher training
  • Fire awareness with extinguisher training
  • Fire extinguisher and evacuation training

Who’s responsible for staff training?

It is the responsibility of the employer to ensure that all staff are adequately trained and aware of how to act in the event of a fire. It is recommended that training is given upon induction. Fire evacuation drills should be completed at least once a year, with results being documented in a logbook as part of an evacuation strategy plan. For more information on employers responsibilities for fire safety in the workplace click here.

How long does training take?

Training delivered by one of our trainers takes around half a day to complete. Time is always given for candidates to ask the trainer any questions they may have.

The bonus of our courses is that we come to you! No additional travel is necessary for you or your staff.

We have dates available throughout the year and we endeavour to fit around our customers working day. We offer discounts if more than one course is booked in a day, which has proved beneficial to our larger customers as well as some of our smaller customers, particularly in the care industry that have shift patterns in place.

If you would like to book onto one of our courses give us a call on 01785 711 088, email us at or enquire via our website

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