03rd January 2020 | jess page

Make sure you are ready for a fire in your business; Training to ensure you and your staff are safe in 2020

Why should staff be trained? It is important that everyone knows what to do in the event of a fire in the place that they work in. If staff are trained correctly and regularly, the likelihood of panic or injury during an emergency situation could be dramatically reduced. How often should staff be trained? Here […]

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19th December 2019 | jess page

Christmas Close Down; Have You Left Your Business Safe?

If you are not working in the hospitality industry, then you are probably getting ready to leave your desk for Christmas. But when you lock that front door at the end of the working day, have you ensured that your business is protected against fire risks in your absence? How to keep your business safe […]

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29th November 2019 | jess page

Fire Risk Assessments- Your responsibilities

If you own a building, it is your legal requirement to ensure that this business is safe and fit for purpose. WHY HAVE A FIRE RISK ASSESSMENT: It is a legal requirement.  If you are responsible for a building this includes being an employer, owner or occupier of premises that aren’t a ‘single private dwelling’ (a […]

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27th November 2019 | jess page

Passive fire protection; What is it and why do do we need it?

There is lots of buzz around passive fire protection in the health & safety industry. So, what is it? Passive fire protection is the use of fire stopping within a building. Fire-stopping material is designed to maintain the fireproofing of a wall or floor assembly allowing it to impede the spread of fire and smoke. […]

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05th November 2019 | Vickiie Thompson

Bonfire Safety

. Despite annual bonfire safety warnings, bonfire celebrations still end in painful injuries for too many people, including very young children, read below to see our tips on bonfire safety. . Bonfire Safety Tips   If you have a bonfire, follow these simple guidelines: Warn your neighbours beforehand – so they are aware and can […]

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30th October 2019 | Vickiie Thompson

Upcoming celebrations…

Winter is on its way and with it comes the celebration period, Halloween, Bonfire Night and Christmas, shhh I agree it’s a little early for that. Fire safety is the last thing on your mind when you’re celebrating. But think about it – lots of guests, extra decorations, people smoking – all the everyday fire […]

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